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Shooting Stock Photos Suggestions #2

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Once you understand the camera settings that most stock agencies require, you can jump into shooting images specifically created for those agencies. You’ve already looked at Shooting Stock Photos Suggestions #1, so now you’re ready for more ideas.  Today we’ll cover two suggestions that can be used together or separately to create photos that are popular with stock photography companies.



Remember, when planning your shot list for stock photos, try to incorporate a number of concepts to capture while shooting. Each image should be simple and straight forward so that it attracts a variety of buyers. Don’t try to convey more than one concept in an individual shot – that dilutes your message and makes it more difficult for prospective buyers to imagine its usefulness.


Blank Space

The power of concepts can be shown in a vareity of ways. As I said before, using people in many of your shots will increase your sales, but you can also create a platform for buyers to express their own concepts by photographing blank spaces. Take a look at a few examples:


Fallen Aspen Leaves Picture FrameOn the left is what I like to refer to as a “Nature-Made Picture Frame.” By leaving a blank area in the center, I’ve created a place where the purchaser can insert his or her image or message into the shot.


Message from the Heart


The picture on the right is a simple statement with a heart, but I’ve left copy space available on the red background for a buyer to add their own message. Both images are subtle examples of shots that can be adapted to a buyer’s needs.

Canned Bread and Butter Pickles

Many stock photographers shoot in the studio with a white background to provide copy space for their buyers. This creates a generic backdrop that art directors and graphic artists can change or clip out to fit in with their advertising or promotional needs.


Clarinet on Blue Background


And looking at the next picture, you’ll see that it doesn’t even have to be a white background:


Your homework for this week is to (1) plan a photo shoot with a single concept in mind, (2) shoot it with a person or two involved in demonstrating the concept, and (3) create a few images with blank or copy space included. But whatever you decide to shoot, keep in mind that the final goal is to get your viewers to feel something. Now you’re ready to move on the Shooting Stock Photos Suggestions #3!


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